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At Broward Discount Mattress, we pride ourselves on being the low-price leader for queen sets! If you need a queen bed, our prices start at just $199! We’re confident that you’ll find us to have the lowest prices available! If you’re looking for a more luxurious queen size bed, you’ll find sets here that start at $599! Comparable queen sets cost $1,500 or more at other full-price mattress stores!
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About Queen Mattresses

Why is the queen mattress size so popular?

Versatile and Comfortable

Currently the most popular mattress size in the United States, the queen mattress maximizes your comfort while allowing more room than a full or twin mattress. The queen measures 60 inches x 80 inches, and offers couples the ability to sleep comfortably with plenty of room. The queen bed fits well in most smaller bedrooms.

Types of Queen Beds

Memory foam, spring, or hybrid? What's the best choice for me?

Get the Firmness You Need

If you’re looking for a variety of mattress types, you’ll find them at Broward Discount Mattress. From memory foam mattresses to traditional spring mattresses, you’ll find the right mattress for you here. Plus, find new styles including hybrid queen mattresses. Shop a variety of firmness levels for your sleeping style. Visit us and let us help you find your dream mattress today!

Queen or King Mattress?

An age-old question: what's the best mattress size for you?

Let us help you choose the right size!

While the queen may be the most popular mattress size available, many of our customers do choose to upgrade to a king size mattress. The king mattress is about 16 inches wider than a queen. For many, the choice between a king or queen size mattress comes down to the space available in your room! For smaller to medium sized bedrooms, the queen may be the best fit to allow plenty of room for movement. Be sure to measure your room before making this important choice!

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